Meng Goldiana Co., Ltd has operated:
Goldiana Hotel in Phnom Penh with 147 rooms since 1993,
Goldiana Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap with 137 rooms since 2002

Project under construction:
Goldiana 288 Hotel & Apartment in Phnom Penh with 20 Unit one bed room, 20 Unit two beds room and one penthouse will open in mid 2014
Goldiana 330 Apartment in Phnom Penh with 8 Unit and 01 (two story penthouse) will open end of 2013

Future Project
Hotel Name: Goldiana 242 Hotel
Rate: 4-Star modern hotel
Number of Room: 168 rooms
Location: #63 & #65, St. 242, Phnom Penh, Cambodia